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100 Mile Foodie

24 Chesterfield Road Somerville

Fermented Vegetables workshop

Tickets available through One Hour Out for this hands on, roll your sleeves up and make a batch workshop

The Diggers Club


Fermented winter veg from your garden

Tickets will be available through The Diggers Club for this demonstration style workshop

Fermentation Workshops

fermented vegetables workshop

Do you struggle to know where to start when it comes to making your own nutrient dense, probiotic rich fermented vegetables at home?  Are you curious about the science but don’t have enough free time to work it all out yourself?  Would you like to be guaranteed the confidence in the quality of the fermented foods you eat?

Our fun and interactive workshops are designed for beginners through to intermediate.  You’ll receive a workbook to introduce you to the science of fermenting and probiotics, including delicious recipes to try at home.

You’ll also learn how incorporating nutritious cultured vegetables into your diet can help to improve and maintain overall optimum health—body, mind and spirit, then I demonstrate how to make a sauerkraut and a beet kvass as you taste some different varieties of my Ferment Frenzy sauerkraut.

fermented beverages workshop

Welcome to the Fermented Beverages workshop in the Good Gut Health series

As busy people and parents with kids of various ages (yes, even older ones who should know better), juggling work, home, social commitments and health, can sometimes be daunting.

Our own health as well as the health of our family can be an intimidating topic and with so many claims on how fermented foods are good for our gut, where do you start, particularly when addressing family likes, dislikes and intolerances.

In this workshop we look at the different fermented drinks – kombucha, water kefir and milk kefir, answer your questions and learn how easy they can be to incorporate into your daily routine. To showcase how easy and versatile these beverages are, we make a batch as well as explore and taste a couple of different recipes.

As well as workshop notes, starter kits will be available at the workshop at a discounted price.

While I do enjoy an icy cold kombucha, the versatility of milk kefir is easily the favourite of all my fermented foods, perhaps it will become yours as well.