The days are getting shorter, the sun is losing some of its sting and the evenings are cooler making sleep a little easier. 

With leaves changing from green to burnt orange and yellows, trees are beginning to look somewhat bare as they prepare for the coming winter.






Autumn is traditionally the time to prepare for the oncoming chill of winter.  Cabbages are in season and the cooler kitchen temperature is perfect for a long slow fermenting sauerkraut.

For the body, our immune system has its hustle on from all the fresh salads and delicious summer fruits.

Autumn heralds the return of apple season and they are juicy, fresh, sweet and tart.

Thank you to the VFMA for this directory of seasonal produce.

There are 28 different vegetables on this list that are in season during March.  What new recipe will you make this month?

Gut Health is vitally important.  In your gut, there are 100 trillion bacteria and their job is to look after you.  Simple daily additions to your daily diet such as coconut kefir or yoghurt may make some differences in your digestion and bolster your immunity at the same time.

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