Emu in the snow

The daylight hours are shorter, the sun has lost most of its sting and the evenings are most certainly cooler.

Actually they are cold, yes, the evenings are very cold !  

We don’t get snow on the Peninsula but it is falling in the High Country. 

Ferments have slowed down and are developing a flavour that cooler weather rewards us with.






Winter is traditionally a time when windows and doors spend more time closed to keep out the chill of winter.  Cabbages are in season and the cooler kitchen temperature is perfect for a long slow fermenting sauerkraut.

In the kitchen, the slow cooker and stock pots are dusted off to make warming casseroles and nourishing soups.  Fermented foods still there make their way onto our plates keeping our immune system tweaked and prepared for the dreaded lurgy.

Winter heralds the return of colourful cauliflowers and leafy greens are still a staple at the Farmers’ Markets.

Thank you to the VFMA for this directory of seasonal produce.

There are 23 different vegetables on this list that are in season during June.  What new recipe will you make this month?  Perhaps a Beet Kvass?

Gut Health is vitally important.  In your gut, there are 100 trillion bacteria and their job is to look after you.  Simple daily additions to your daily diet such as coconut kefir or yoghurt may make some differences in your digestion and bolster your immunity at the same time.