Who am I?

Hi, my name is Robyn, I’m the proud mum of a foodie son, I adore my two dogs and I have a special knack for cooking and baking. I love to share my creations with family and friends and lucky for them, I really enjoy experimenting with different recipes.

The Ferment Frenzy journey evolved slowly, starting about 10 years ago making cheese and kefir in my small home kitchen.  I also dabbled in spelt sourdough until I lost the mother, later found to be hidden at the back of the fridge.  I then transitioned to making different styles of sauerkraut and kimchi, playing around with brines and in season vegetable combinations.  Fascinated by the science, mystery, health benefits and the traditional aspect of fermentation, I started to delve a little deeper into the how and why of fermenting.  I conducted a lot of my own research and travelled to Canada, learning the fermentation methods of Gary Caldwell.  Since then, I’ve sorted a lot of the facts from fiction and proudly expanded my range, selling from various farmers markets across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

I have always had a passion for nutrition and cooking food from scratch but as a mum working fulltime, I never had the time to follow my passion and study to become an accredited nutritionist.  I discovered the Functional Nutrition Academy (FNA) and their philosophy of “Nourish Learn Live” was one that resonated with me.  In February 2018 I graduated and it was a special moment for me.  Inspired to continue my education, I have enrolled in the FNA Microbiome course, immersing myself into the most cutting edge research, learning about the direct link between changes in the microbiome and the “modern diseases” of today.

Whilst I continue my education, I look forward to the opportunities for me to share my new found knowledge, particularly within the Ferment Frenzy community.  I love that I have increased my ability to critically evaluate and decipher information and I’m certain I will enjoy the new world this course has opened up for me.

Please join me as I’m continuously learning and I love sharing my stories and expertise.  As I expand my tasty and nourishing business, I’ll be playing around with some different ferments, recipes and food combinations.  I share some of my favourite recipes at my workshops and together we’ll experiment with all things fermented as we set out on a journey of discovery and transformation, improving our health and wellbeing with nutrient dense and delicious foods.

Go forth & ferment.


What is fermenting?

Before refrigeration, fermentation was one of the most reliable ways of preserving food.  Freshly picked cabbage, some salt, a closed airtight container and set aside in the cellar for a couple of weeks, sauerkraut enabled the family to have green vegetables full of nutrients over the harsh winter months.

So simple, yet also complex.

Times have changed, everyone I know has a refrigerator and over the years (dare I say decades) fermenting had lost a little of its popularity – although it’s pleasing to see it make a rock star like comeback.

Google ‘what is fermentation’ and you get a similar answer over various sites, mostly that food fermentation is a process where bacteria converts carbohydrates into an organic acid – namely lactic acid.  That’s the good bit and how easy does that sound?


Fermented foods also produce probiotics, enhances natural enzymes and makes the vitamins in the food (Vitamin C in cabbage / Vitamin B in kombucha) more bioavailable to your body.  This enables us to consume less but absorb more.

Fermenting is a combination of art and science, it’s easy and cost effective (cheap) to make at home too.  When we make our own food we regain some control, we are no longer at the mercy of the huge marketing budgets and energy dense foods of the industrial food producers.

Together we shall set out on a food journey, transforming our food and investing in ourselves.