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What is Fermenting ?

Fermentation techniques originally developed as a way to preserve food. With the advent of modern refrigeration, global shipping and year round harvesting of crops, this age old preservation method was all but pushed aside.

Why Fermenting?

Your gut stores around 95% of your ‘happy’ neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Your gut is also where about 80% of your immune resides and is the very foundation to health.

The process of fermenting food & drinks increases the nutrition, enzymes and digestibility, meaning you’re able to consume less and absorb more.

Fermented foods are packed with so much good bacteria and probiotic action, good for both your gut and immune system.   The nutrients, enzymes and probiotics perform an intricate dance together, with one supporting the other.

Good food, good health, introduce your microbiome to some powerful new friends today.


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